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Why Choose Malibu Funding, Inc.?


Buying a home, refinancing or looking to access your home’s equity? Let us serve you better.


Let us serve you better. Five simple words that sum up our commitment to guide our clients through the loan process—from start to finish. We do this by educating, informing and offering options that suit each client’s specific needs, whether it’s securing a new home loan or refinancing. Gone are the days where clients happily did what they were told, because it was all too easy to refinance and get cash out like your home was an ATM.


Times have definitely changed. Every client must be informed of the pitfalls of quick, shortsighted short-term fixes, and consider what’s best for them in the long term. Since 2002, Malibu Funding, Inc. has brokered over half a billion dollars in mortgage loans, representing over 1,000 clients while maintaining strong licensing in every state—and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


With new regulations and licensing by the federal government, as well as byeach state, Malibu Funding, Inc. has acquired all state and federal licensing under the S.A.F.E. Act National Mortgage Licensing System. This allows consumers access to check anyone who offers a loan on a national database, giving the power back to the consumer—where it belongs.


Trust isn’t just earned.

As a broker, Malibu Funding, Inc. offers clients several different loan products from over 30 different lenders, including: FHA, Conventional, VA, Jumbo, VOE programs, ARMs, Purchase, Refinance and FHA Streamline loans. While getting a loan has become far more difficult than it has been duringthe past decade, the good news is the entire industry has gone through a comprehensive overhaul. In fact, not since the Great Depression has there been a restructuring like this. All loan companies, mortgage companies, lenders and banks now have strict guidelines for loans, loan officers and themortgages businesses as a whole. There are national tests, FBI background checks, credit checks, state tests and state bonds. Gone are the loans offered to borrowers who could not afford them, as well as the unscrupulous brokers who took advantage of loose regulations. Thankfully, a decade of bad loans and greed has been replaced by common sense lending. If a client can demonstrate a history of verifiable long-term payment, there are financing and buying options to choose from.


At Malibu Funding, Inc. we’re proud to say that we’ve passed every test and received all necessary licensing toensurethat you’ll not only be in experienced hands, but you’ll be working with brokers you can trust.


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